WA History

Geoffrey Higham has specialised in the application of mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the exploration of West Australian history.

Applications include:

Geoffrey Higham has also written other books on aspects of West Australian history, as listed below.

Published books

The following books present valuable information for students of West Australia's history.

Historical gazetteers:

Higham,G.J. ``Where WAS that?''.Perth, Geoproject Solutions Pty Ltd, 2006 (2nd edition).

Higham,G.J. ``Gone West''.Perth, Geoproject Solutions Pty Ltd, 2005 (field version).


The use of GIS in history studies

The value of GIS in history studies is not well realised. These links help explain the potential.

Online resources

Introduction and overview by Ian Gregory, University of Essex.

A Place in History - A Guide to Using GIS in Historical Research.

WALIS Conference 2006, Perth, Western Australia - presentation by Geoffrey Higham

The potential of GIS for history study.

NARGIS Conference 2005, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia - presentation by Geoffrey Higham

GIS in the study of history of remote areas.


Old places - WA

Extensive research has built up a substantial database of information on historic placenames in Western Australia. This information can be used to answer questions such as -

Information from this database is available - send queries to gjh@geoproject.com.au

An online search facility will hopefully be established shortly to assist you to locate old place names - Watch this space!

Useful link - if you need to check the location or spelling of current place names in Australia, visit http://www.auslig.gov.au/mapping/names/names.htm.

Data from this database of places can be obtained for use in history and heritage studies. Places such as closed schools, old rail sidings, even complete towns in the goldfields, form a valuabe record of WA's development over nearly two centuries.

Attributes include year opened, year closed or renamed, location, local government, and other notes.

Availability: Various combinations available - please enquire.

Railway lines - WA

A spatial data model of WA rail lines has been created, allowing study of the spread of railways through the state in their various roles. This GIS model includes both current and closed railways..

Attributes include year opened, if and when closed, last operator, whether served by freight, passenger or both, whether single or double track, spatial precision of alignment.

Availability: Various combinations available - please enquire.


Format of data

Datasets are sold in ASCII files, Excel spreadsheets or Shapefiles, together with descriptive information (metadata).

Location points

The locations are selected for relevance to transport analysis, plotting, mapping and statistics. The locations can be used as points, or can be overlaid to polygons such as the cadastre. More detailed information regarding locations can be found here, and is also included with the datasets.

Method of sale

Data in this category is dynamic, and therefore regularly updated. Please contact us if you would like to obtain data.

Other books on WA history:

Higham, G.J. 100 years of railways in Western Australia 1871-1971. Perth, Australian Railway Historical Society WA Division Inc, 1971.

Higham, G.J. All stations to Guildford. Perth, Rail Heritage WA, 2006

Higham, G.J. Over the range. Perth, Australian Railway Historical Society WA Division Inc, 1968

Minchin, R.S and G.J.Higham. Robb's railway. Perth, Australian Railway Historical Society WA Division Inc, 1981. ISBN 0 95996902 0

Higham,G.J. MARBLE BAR TO MANDURAH A history of passenger rail services in Western Australia. Perth, Rail Heritage WA, 2007.

Higham, G.J. A most industrious tradeswoman. Perth, Gayton Squirrel trust, 1994.

Further information?

Please contact Geoffrey Higham.


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